South Tyrol – Life in the nature-jewel

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South Tyrol – Life in the nature-jewel South Tyrol – Life in the nature-jewel

A Hubert Schönegger film

South Tyrol is known all over the world for its unique mountains. In this wonderful landscape there exist treasures, which many people do not know. It is an environment between the threatening Dolomites and the mediterranean area of the south. Hubert Schönegger presents the unknown sides of South Tyrol by breath-taking pictures. Lonely farms, the arduous walk of the herdsmen and animals to the willow. The versatile culture of the Ladins is represented by places, which were fallen into oblivion. South Tyrols nature-jewels are shown by a loving but also critical eye, as well as the permanent conflict between tradition and progress. In a fantastic way this film talks about original nature and countryside, so that it will always be remembered.

! only available in german or italian language !

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