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The film production company geosfilm was founded 2007 by Hubert  Schönegger. In the film industry Schönegger operates since 1989 - as a journalist, cameraman, editor and director for national and international productions for television programs that were broadcast primarily in the German and Italian speaking countries.

The plot of the film is inseparable from the mountains of the Sesto Dolomites. "Tears of the Sesto Dolomites" is the first and so far only feature-length film production from South Tyrol ...

Dynamic rivers draw with numerous loops and slowly running water through the landscape, if the nature is architect of the landscape, not man.

South Tyrol embodies more than any other region alpine romance, untouched and natural beauty - combined with the amenities of a modern time.

It is the first South Tyrolean film production, which was shown in the popular series ORF Universum.

The "Karnische Kamm" extends from the Dolomites, along the Italian - Austrian border parallel to the northern "Gailtal" to the upper Carinthia.

For centuries, the interaction between man and nature dominates the high valleys of East and South Tyrol. Determined by the transition of the seasons hardship and excess changed here from each other.

Nature Parks have been created in order to obtain and to maintain large-scale natural and cultural landscape areas that, due to their uniqueness and beauty are of outstanding importance.

The 11,635-acre nature park Three Peaks is characterized by great mountain ranges, white scree, flowery grass and charming larch meadows.

The nature park Rieserferner-Ahrn in the northeast of South Tyrol combines manmade high valleys and untouched wilderness in the border mountains.

The indomitable land behind sky-high dolomite rocks led the people always been telling stories. At this stage: Nature, Myth and History are connected forever.

Rugged mountain peaks, vast plateaus, fertile alpine meadows and dark coniferous forests. This is the Puez-Geisler.

For many, the striking mountain near the Bolzano valley, is the symbol of South Tyrol. Not for nothing the area around the "Schlern" was declared in 1974 to a nature park and is the oldest of the seven nature parks in the country.

It is a landscape full of contrasts. Below Mediterranean vegetation - in the height above the eternal ice in the West sunny and dry - to the east wet and rough. Unspoiled nature meets centuries of old cultural landscape.

The southernmost of the South Tyrolean nature parks impresses by its extraordinary diversity.

South Tyrol, the land in the mountains, impresses with its grand mountain scenery. It has always populated by a rich diversity of wildlife.

Snow and ice shaped 10,000 years ago large parts of Europe. But then the continent should escape from the frosty grip.

On the "Stallersattel" in East Tyrol Defereggen valley: Already hundreds of years ago a very special smell has influenced the lives of people.

Millions of years of geological history. Spread out on only eight kilometers in length.

The Carnic ridge is nestled between the Dolomites and the Alps main ridge, stretches from west to east from the stunning alpine scenery of the Dolomites to the already less high mountain ranges in Carinthia.

The habitat forest has many functions and brings valuable benefits to the flora and fauna. 44 percent of the South Tyrolean area (approximately 740,000 acres) are forested.

Many accidents could be avoided if every climber would follow a few precautions and would know about the major risks in the mountains.

The present does not know the future. Everyday life is the past and future at the same time. Hubert Schönegger followed in the footsteps of two mountain farmers: the brothers Gottfried and Hans Wieser from the "Wieserhof" in "Silvestertal".

In the northeast of Italy, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, is the "Hochpustertal". At 1154 meters above sea level is Niederdorf, the juwel of the Dolomites.

Humans need tradition. They help to shape life in family and neighborhood, control daily routine and the course of the year to see through our earthly existence from the cradle to the grave, and a piece beyond.

Hardly any other animal in the Alps is in legend and traditions more important than the Capricorn.

The film tells a strange story of an old farmer who records in writings his life with his grandson in the mountains from now and then. The cycle of the seasons.

Life in the mountains is hard, it always has been. Steep meadows have to be processed, placed the logs of the forests to the valley and the farm have to be prepared for the winter.

The giants of the Dolomites, the awesome landscape at the roots of the Pale Mountains are reflected in the music of Gustav Mahler.

The isolation of the "Villgratental", an unspoilt region of East Tyrol, requests the ingenuity of the farmers. To make much from little was a skill that the valley people in their particular situation had to develop.

The fact that our world is so beautiful and worth living, owes mainly to our atmosphere. The entirety of the meteorological phenomena, which characterizes the average state of the atmosphere at a location over an extended period is called the climate.

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