At the abyss

A Hubert Schönegger film

The present knows no future. The every-day life belongs to the past and even to the future. During one year Hubert Schönegger has followed the traces of two farmers: the brothers Gottfried and Hans Wieser, from the Wieserhof in the Silverster-valley. High up situated, where the eagle lives and the wind becomes those raw characteristic traits, which change him into a dangerous storm. Hans has become older, wrinkled and sick. But any wrinkle has its oven story, which tells about past days, when nobody knew the word hectic pace and the word stress could not be found in dictionaries. And Friedl, how Hans called, is the younger brother, also the stronger and healthier. He lugs the dry grass into the barn, takes care of the cows in the cowshed and cooks the supper.

! only available in german or italian language !

Price: 12.00 EUR

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